The Benefits of Getting a CCTV Drain Inspection

Professional drain unblocking requires us to know what is blocking a drain. However, getting a clear picture can be difficult with sewer or stormwater lines running deep beneath the earth. That was until the advent of drain CCTV inspections.


CCTV drain inspections are among the most powerful tools in our arsenal. They allow us to diagnose what’s wrong with a line before attempting to unblock or repair it. This article reviews what a drain inspection is, the benefits of taking this important step, and when you might need one.


What is a CCTV Drain Inspection?

A CCTV drain inspection is when we attach a closed-circuit camera to the end of a long, flexible wire. The other end of this wire connects to a screen, which we keep nearby as we send the camera into a designated stormwater or sewer drainage pipeline. This setup allows us to see the pipe’s condition without breaking earth, thus keeping your plumbing intact as we diagnose any issues.


The two most common scenarios that would require an inspection like this are: if a pipe is blocked and you don’t know why or if you’re purchasing a piece of property and want to check the condition of the drain lines.


The Benefits of Drain CCTV Inspections

Identify faults before purchasing a bad property.

For prospective homeowners or savvy property investors, a CCTV drain inspection is a fantastic money-saving tool. Repairing faulty plumbing or relaying storm and sewer lines can be very expensive and time-consuming. If you’re considering purchasing a property—especially an old one—looking into the condition of the drain lines before signing on the dotted line can save you much strife.


Eliminate the guesswork.

Knowing what you’re up against is key to saving time and money if you’ve encountered a block in your drains. For instance, when it comes to stormwater drains, the issue could be anything from intrusive tree roots to a cracked pipe. By calling a company like ours to conduct a drain inspection, you can eliminate the guesswork and head off any unnecessary work. Not only does this save time and money, but it also saves you a ton of stress.


Stay ahead of bigger problems.

The only thing better than addressing an issue efficiently when it happens is ensuring it never happens in the first place! Preventative care should always be your first task, especially if you own a property. In this case, preventative care looks like regular drainage inspections (once every few years) to ensure you address any developing problems before they become major. Doing so saves you a ton of time, money, and heartache.


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