Septic Tank Cleaning

Septic tank cleaning at a cost effective price.

Inside your septic tank, a biological reaction is always occurring. Liquids are being released through a field drain, while solids break down inside the tank.

Basically this means that over time, the substance in your tank gets thicker, and eventually needs to be cleaned out.

You need to have your septic tank cleaned regularly to ensure proper operation, and minimise health risks for you and your family.

What happens if I don’t have my septic tank cleaned regularly?

If your toilets and drains are running slow, or you notice unpleasant odours throughout the house, it could be a sign there’s a buildup, or block in your system.

Blockages can lead to a failing septic system, which can result in wastewater ending up in your yard, or even in your home.

This could be dangerous, and damaging to the health of your family.

To prevent possible health hazards, schedule a regular septic tank clean with Streamline.

The time between services is usually around 3-5 years, depending on the amount of people your tank services, and the size of the tank.

During the septic tank cleaning or pumping process, we can evaluate your system to identify minor issues – and make sure they’re fixed before they become more serious problems.

If these problems go unnoticed, they could lead to back-ups or leaks in your system, that could warrant a complete replacement (which could cost you thousands of dollars).

Why have your septic tank cleaned with Streamline?

  • Efficiency – Not only will your septic system last longer with routine cleaning, it’s performance will dramatically improve as well.
  • Save money – Septic systems can be very expensive to repair or replace. Regular maintenance costs little in comparison – preventing costly system failures.
  • Stay healthy – Overall, the most important part of maintaining your system is ensuring the good health of you, and your family.

Streamline offers a quality and professional septic tank service, at a cost effective price.

Contact us today to have your septic tank cleaned by experienced professionals who know what they’re doing.

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Thanks for the clean tidy job you did on our grease trap, there was no mess or spills, and we are very happy with the service!

Greg Chapmen

I am very impressed the work you did sucking out the catch pits over the last two days, every time we saw you, you were working hard, and your small truck got all through our school grounds with no damage to the grass.

Deon, Manurewa High School

Your small truck was the perfect size for our septic tank, and you were happy to prove the job had been done to a good standard and the waste was being disposed of correctly, We wish you and your company all the best in the future.

Michael Grayson