A catch pit/cesspit is a grate, which storm water flows into, solids settle in the bottom, and the water flows out the outlet at the top.

A lack of servicing will cause the solids to fill the pit, causing a blockage and hence flooding.

Also if you don’t clean them out silt can make its way into the waterways, which is harmful to aquatic life.

Streamline can put your catchpits on a set cycle, and service them annually, or more frequently if required.

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Thanks for the clean tidy job you did on our grease trap, there was no mess or spills, and we are very happy with the service!

Greg Chapmen

I am very impressed the work you did sucking out the catch pits over the last two days, every time we saw you, you were working hard, and your small truck got all through our school grounds with no damage to the grass.

Deon, Manurewa High School

Your small truck was the perfect size for our septic tank, and you were happy to prove the job had been done to a good standard and the waste was being disposed of correctly, We wish you and your company all the best in the future.

Michael Grayson