Project Description


Case Study

Challenges & Achievements

Demonstrate a cost effective and safe way of cleaning 89 Pump stations throughout the Waikato district

Vac 02 at pump station

Units Used


As wastewater flows downhill, it is collected in pump stations in low lying areas, then pumped up to the next high point where it can flow downstream.

These wells accumulate grit, fat and other debris such as wipes which inhibit the ability of the pump station to function. They can also cause smell issues for people living near the pump station.

The Project

Using our JHL 414 flexline and Cityflex 204 combination units, we paired our trucks to work on pumping stations that were best suited to their abilities. Large 2 and 3 pump stations had the 414 flexline with its large boom hose and high vacuum pump to attend, where as the smaller stations had the cityflex 204, with its smaller size and lower running cost, we were able to ensure all the stations were cleaned in a time and cost effective manner.

Both units have a moving piston inside of them, and we were able to dewater the solids by squeezing up the waste in the tank using the piston, then moving the piston forward for more room for additional waste. This meant higher productivity per day and less fuel used going to dump.

The Outcome

  • The result was a reduction travel time,

  • Less fuel used.

  • The client was very impressed,

Vac 02 Dumping


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