Project Description


Case Study

Challenges & Achievements

Deliver a cost effective on time delivery of a varied amount of sewer around the Waikato

A high quality of deliverable data including maps, and film quality.

Working to a deadline around Covid 19

Traffic control on busy roads.

Entire sections off road


Units Used


Hamilton City has one waste water plant in Pukete. At the entry to this plant the waste water passes through 3 sluice gates and into 3 syphon lines.

These drop down around 2m and the line proceeds along 20m and turns back up and into the screening room.

Over time, silt builds up in the syphons, and this needs to be removed to keep optimal flow.

In the past this had been done by two vacuum trucks, 4 staff and confined space entry with staff members entering the pipe with vacuum hoses to remove the silt. This method was seen as too dangerous as if the sluice gate failed, extraction of the team members would be extremely hard.

The Project

As part of a 5 year project for the inspections of sewers in the Waikato district, watercare were seeking a supplier to complete this work.

To start with, the quality aspect was important, and after trials with several contractors, Streamline was chosen due to our performance.

From the outset, we had a vision for how to make the contract flow smoothly, and deliver the greatest value for the stakeholders.

From our perspective, contact management had been contributing factor in the poor quality work that had been received previously.

We determined that our cloud based job system could be a determining factor in a smooth running efficient project.

We had a motivated team on staff, who were able to average well above average productivity rates, with large amounts of meters cleaned and filmed on most days.

Our cutting edge combination units meant large lines filled with silt were cleaned quickly, and our portable cctv unit was able to access the most tricky sites whatever the weather. Nothing was left incomplete, nothing was too hard.

Patch lining was undertaken on major faults and done on a short time frame.

We were in constant communication with the stakeholders throughout the project.

The Outcome

  • Cost equivalent to or less than previously spent

  • High quality compatible level of data usable for decades into the future

  • Work done within deadlines, all work completed

  • Client impressed with the transparency and clear communications

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