Project Description


Case Study

Challenges & Achievements

Sucking out the flow in a critical situation during major works on a key pumping station through the night.

Grantham St Changeover Vechicles

Units Used


Heb construction called us to control the flow on a main pumping station they were working on, this would involve 3 trucks of varying sizes. Once work was underway, we would not afford any breakdowns or failures.

The Project

The crew assembled at the yard at 7pm, care had been taken during the day to ensure all the vehicles had enough fuel and were in top operational condition.

As we were working along another liquid waste company, we let them choose the location they wanted to suck out from, and we took our spot on the pumping station on Grantham station.

The first part of the project was to suck out the clean water from the station prior to the change over. Using vac02 at minimum rpm, we started sucking down the station. This was done because of the close proximity to housing.

The team had been instructed on the procedure for sequencing their dumping for maximum efficiency. All was going smoothly through the night.

The second company were having issues with keeping up with the flow, and had suffered a breakdown.

At the end of the night, Streamline had established their reputation as the premiere brand for wastewater.

We were the only company to go for the entire job (11.5 hours) with no breakdowns, and not leaving early. Our customers were very happy with the work we did as it meant less stress and headaches for them.

The Outcome

  • Completion of changeover

  • No breakdowns for the entire night

  • The client was very impressed

Grantham St Changeover At Night


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