Top Tips for Septic Tank Safety

Top Tips for Septic Tank Safety

Some of our previous blogs have directed attention at having your septic tank installed correctly and then regularly maintained, drained and serviced to prevent costly damage and keeping it functional. However, this blog is all about the importance of septic tank safety. To ensure that everyone is safe there are a few key steps to take. Let us illustrate them.

Keep a Lid on it

The main access point to your septic tank should always be enclosed with a robust lid. This is primarily to ensure that nobody falls in, but it is also a caution against debris and other unwanted material falling in and causing blockages or other damage. Ideally, the cover needs to be difficult to remove so that children cannot gain access to the tank. Make sure that everyone knows that if the lid needs to be opened that it should be done under supervision and with strict boundaries around proximity to the tank. For septic tank safety, make sure that you do not lean over the tank. The strong gases that are emitted from a septic tank are enough to render someone unconscious, and as such must be treated with extra caution. While the chance of passing out while near the tank and falling in, as a result, is small, it is a risk that is not worth taking. Which leads us to the next point.

Don’t Tank Alone

As mentioned, open your tank only under supervision and if possible have a trained professional do it. In the event that an accident occurs, it is necessary that someone is in the area to ensure you have not fallen and to contact medical personnel for assistance. So never work around your septic tank alone to ensure septic tank safety.

Lights Out

We have already talked about the prevalence of gases and as such, any naked flame can be a dangerous combination. Some of the gases which are present in the septic tank contain methane. This gas is highly flammable and can cause an explosion. To maintain septic tank safety, never have a flame or smoke anywhere near your septic tank.

Do Not Enter

Unless you have been adequately trained, are wearing appropriate protective gear and carry the necessary equipment including breathing apparatus, you should never go into the tank. Even on the occasion that someone has slipped in, entering the tank is an extremely hazardous activity and is highly discouraged. The best course of action in an emergency is to call an ambulance right away and try and vent fresh air into the tank.

Septic tank safety is all about taking precautions around the septic tank. First by ensuring that it has been installed correctly and that the lid is secure and difficult to remove. Secondly, make sure that whenever the tank is being accessed that others know about keeping a safe distance from the tank to avoid any accidents from occurring. Do not access the tank and if there is any work around your tank that needs to be done, make sure it is done by a trained professional and not undertaken alone. Finally, do not have any flames anywhere near the tank due to the gases present.

Take care of your tank and most importantly, take care of yourself. For any concerns or queries about a tank, please contact us for information and assistance.

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