We all know that hair is a constant cause of blocked drains in our bathrooms. Sure, you won’t struggle to find some powerful, harsh chemicals on the dairy shelf, but you will want to avoid those if you have a septic system. Below, we explore some of the most convenient and effective ways to remove and prevent hair clogs.



How to remove hair clogs


Plumber’s snake


For hair strands that haven’t gone too far down your drains, you can grab them and pull them out to prevent further blockage. If the clog is further along, however, you can use a long and flexible stick such as a plumber’s snake. Insert the tool until you get to the obstruction and pull the strands out. If this tool is not available, you can use a wire hanger and bend it into a hook that can often do the same job.


All-natural rinse


You can try some simple and affordable methods to keep your drains clear using only natural materials that won’t throw off the balance of bacteria and microbes in your septic system. Try pouring one cup of boiling water down your drain every week or so. Alternately, you can try a few tablespoons of salt or baking soda, along with a quarter cup of white or apple cider vinegar; just let this cocktail sit in the drain for 30-60 minutes and then flush with water.


Call the professionals


There will be times when you can successfully remove pesky hair from your drains using the methods we mentioned above. However, there will be times when these methods alone aren’t enough to get the job done. When this happens, consult with trusted professionals who can diagnose the cause of the clog and provide a more comprehensive solution to the problem.



How to prevent hair clogs


Try an extra drain screen


Simply put, you’ll catch more hair before it enters you drain if you add additional fail-safes to your drainage system. A drain cover or drain screen will catch only some hair, and some of the hair it does catch will work its way through if left long enough (particularly in running water). An extra over-the-top or underlying drain screen can ensure you catch even more hair and have more time to remove it before it finds its way through.


Collect hair after every use


As we mentioned above, hair that catches on your drain cover or screen will often find its way through over time. This means that your drain covers are the most effective immediately after use. Try to get in the habit of clearing your shower drain as soon as you finish. It’s likely just a pinch of loose hair, which will be quite a bit less off-putting than the big, grimy ball you’ll be removing if you leave this chore untouched for weeks or even months.



Count on the drain unblockers at Streamline


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