Blocked drains can cause major plumbing problems and, in some cases, will require an expert drain unblocking services. Many experts will utilise snake tools and even CCTV cameras to take a look inside your pipes. Yes, you heard that rightusing a CCTV camera can help professionals accurately diagnose the problem, and determine what is exactly causing the blockage. Here’s what you need to know on drainage inspections through CCTV. 


The purpose of CCTV in a drainage survey

Drain cameras are one of the tools that help us identify the causes of blockage, further investigate the problem, and allow us to decide what the best solution is to resolve it. CCTV drain cameras are used in above-ground pipes, ducting systems, vertical chutes, and more. 


Importance of surveying drains

Surveying or inspecting drains systems can help property owners with potential problems see what they’re dealing with. From root breaches and blockages, to other structural issues such as fractures, CCTV drainage surveys are vital to preventing and addressing issues that may lead to weightier problems later on. 


Benefits to CCTV-ing your drains

Getting to the root cause of the problem usually isn’t a DIY job, but thanks to CCTV drain cameras, you can complete a thorough drainage survey that can help diagnose problems early, and save you time and money.  


  • It protects your property. Initiating a visual inspection of your pipes below the ground isn’t that easy. However, with the help of CCTV technology, it can be much easier to look into your sewer systems without the need to destroy your lawns in the process. 


  • Provides a level of safety. CCTV cameras are controlled remotely. This means experts can inspect your pipes without the health hazards that come with using digging equipment. Additionally, you reduce the chances of being exposed to potential gas line breaks. 


  • It’s cost-effective. Professional operators can pinpoint the exact location of the problem within your pipes in a timely manner. Reduced time for inspection equates to lower fees. Plus, there’s no struggling with metal snakes or any digging involved, so you don’t have to worry about paying to repair the lawn. 


  • Provides accurate diagnosis. CCTV allows us to analyse the problems in your pipes accurately, and gives you the chance to see actual evidence on video, so you’re more aware of what’s happening. Since drain cameras provide clear visuals and sounds, they can provide a higher level of detail. When we understand the problem better, the more equipped we are to select the right methods and tools to clear the blockage. 


  • Easy recovery. CCTV drain cameras also help you locate and recover lost items that may have fallen into your drains.  


  • It’s preventive and proactivePipes and drains won’t last forever. By employing CCTV drain cameras for survey and inspection, you can address small issues and prevent them from blowing up into costlier problems later on 


Hire our CCTV services at Streamline

At Streamline, we offer CCTV services to initiate your sewer and stormwater inspections. We provide you with crystal-clear visuals of the problem and present a full report on your drains. With a team of qualified technicians, we can locate any faults above ground, minimising disruption. If you’re looking for fast and efficient drainage CCTV services, call our team today! We can arrange a job or provide you with a quote depending on your drainage needs.