Why You Should Start 2018 with an Empty Septic Tank

Why You Should Start 2018 with an Empty Septic Tank

Let’s be honest, a septic tank is normally the last thing on our minds in the beginning of the year. Perhaps we’re busy thinking about travel plans, or finally replacing our well-worn toothbrush, but septic tank cleaning is the least of our worries because it should work like how it’s supposed to without any worry or concern. Like most things we all do, we wait until a problem occurs before we start worrying about fixing anything or getting proper maintenance work done.

So before problems start to pop up later in the year, here are some reasons why you should start 2018 with an empty septic tank.

1. For peace of mind.

There’s nothing worse than having an annoying thought in the back of your head that’s almost like an itch that won’t go away. Having a clean and fully-functioning septic tank is a homeowner’s responsibility – but our memories can fail us sometime. You might ask yourself, “How long has it been since I got it emptied?”  If you can’t quite answer that question or concretely remember having it done, it’s probably time to empty out that septic tank, because there’s also nothing better than getting that intrusive thought from going away and finally getting rid of that itch.

2. It’s cost-effective in the long run.

Fixing complex problems that have gotten worse over time generally costs way more than performing simple maintenance, and it’s the same with septic tank cleaning. Big problems such as a backed-up sewer or an entirely broken septic tank will take a lot more manpower and resources to fix, racking up the costs.

3. Healthy septic tank = healthy family.

A clogged-up septic tank will send all your liquid waste back into the yard, or worse, back into your home, and no one wants that. Water can seep aboveground, leading to a flooded yard, or drain into nearby creeks or rivers, effectively polluting them. Belowground, an overflow will also pollute groundwater. All these admittedly gross aftermaths can contaminate your family’s drinking, showering, and cooking water, carrying harmful bacteria and even disease. Getting your septic tank cleaned and properly emptied will keep your water, and your family, healthy.

4. More efficient drainage systems.

When your toilet or laundry water drains start to slow down, this could be a sign of a major septic tank clog. To ensure your toilets and drains (and your septic tank!) run as efficiently as possible, regular septic tank maintenance is essential. Getting your septic tank emptied also means that your water use is more regulated and less of it is wasted.

5. Avoid future problems.

Blocked draining systems, effluent overflow, and water contamination are only some of the future problems you’ll encounter if you ignore your septic tank. On top of having to get rid of accumulated waste, more complex problems can occur that will take a lot of money to fix. These problems are also accompanied by other problems, such an intrusive, terrible odour, and an inefficient septic tank that won’t do the job properly until it’s cleaned up.


Septic tank cleaning is our specialty here at Streamline! Start 2018 off with an empty septic tank and contact us today for a quote, advice, or a booking!

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