10 Strangest Things Found in Septic Tanks

10 Strangest Things Found in Septic Tanks

Here at Streamline, we’ve done hundreds of septic tank cleaning jobs to see what kind of weird and strange things can end up in there. Septic tanks carry everything that goes down the drains, and naturally, the solids build up over time. Once it’s time for a septic tank service or clean, hidden treasures, lost items and random rubbish can resurface.


Generally, most of us are careful about what goes down the drain, but on the off-times that we’re not, septic tank cleaners eventually discover them. Here are the top 10 strangest things we’ve found in septic tanks.

1. Jewellery

Watches, earrings, rings: you name it, we’ve found it. If it can fit down your drain, it’ll be in the septic tank. Jewellery can very easily slide down your sink and fall into the depths of the drains, so be extra careful when putting jewellery on or taking it off around bath tubs, toilets or sinks.

2. Dentures

Finding dentures floating in a septic tank is probably one of the strangest things we’ve experienced. Like jewellery, dentures can also easily slip down a drain.

3. Toys

Action figures, table tennis balls, and sometimes little toy cars can find themselves in the depths of a septic tank if they’re being flushed in the toilet unknowingly.

4. Fast food packaging

Fancy yourself a late night Maccas? It’s definitely not the best idea to flush fast food packaging, or any rubbish, down the toilet.

5. Silverware

If you notice a lack of silverware in the drawer (or chopsticks), then they’ve probably found their way to your septic tank.

6. Animals

Relax, we haven’t found anything too crazy when we clean out septic tanks. However, frogs that suddenly leap out are quite surprising, and spiders are never totally pleasant to deal with.

7. Baby wipes

Baby wipes aren’t too strange, but we had to put them in here to remind Kiwis that not all baby wipes are biodegradable. When mixed with grease, wet wipes can create fatbergs and clog up your septic tank – all leading to damages and expensive repairs.

8. Cat litter

Throwing cat litter down the drain is a big no-no. Always read disposal instructions on cat litter bags to make sure if the cat litter you’re using is flushable or not, otherwise it will clog your septic system.

9. Mobile phones

We’ve all heard the horror stories (or lived through them) – people are constantly dropping phones in the toilet. Unfortunately, a few of them have ended up all the way in septic tanks, never to be used again. Keep phones away from the bathroom to avoid accidentally flushing them down the toilet.

10. Tree roots

Tree roots are very dangerous to find in your septic tank, as they can cause a great deal of clogging and damage that will require you to fix the tank itself. They creep through weak spots in the sewer pipes, and sewage backups or blockages if left unchecked. Make sure you’re planting the right trees around your home and in the right locations to avoid having tree roots found in your septic tank.


Random and strange things can end up in your septic tank, so regular septic tank inspection and maintenance can ensure they don’t cause problems such as blockages if left unchecked.


If you require septic tank cleaning or draining services, here at Streamline we’re the best team of experts for the job! Contact Us today for no-mess, no-spills, and no-nonsense septic tank services.

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