High Tech vs Low Tech Septic Tanks

High Tech vs Low Tech Septic Tanks

You think you know what a septic tank is? Wait until you see what kind of technology has unwrapped in the latest and greatest septic tank systems. If you want to know the basics of what a septic tank involves, then read our previous blog here. This piece will highlight some of the main differences between a high tech and a low tech septic tank.

To more accurately label tanks, a so-called “low tech” tank does exactly what it is designed to do. It performs the function as intended and is a perfectly acceptable tool to dispose of your liquid waste. For those who are interested in seeing a high-end wastewater treatment system and how it compares with your standard septic tank, then let’s explore.


Enter, Airtech wastewater treatment systems. This disposal system is both efficient and lightweight, processing disposable household sewage and wastewater with ease. The benefit of this system is that it recycles liquid waste as clear, odourless, nutrient enriched water. It can then be used to irrigate landscape, flora and any greenery. Environmentally speaking, this is genius. Liquid waste is captured, treated and recycled for reuse on the same property with minimal environmental impact on the land.

The primary environmental concerns of wastewater and sewage discharge are the impact it has on soil structures and water aquifers.  For rural properties, there are additional requirements at a council level for you to treat and manage your sewage within the boundaries of your property. This is where the high tech Airtech system can effectively process and treat your liquid waste so that it meets the effluent quality standards acceptable by the council.


The difference between this high tech system and a basic septic tank is innovation over 4 years to develop a lightweight system comprised of polyethene which is more robust and fail-safe than most plastic tank systems. The geometric shape allows for maximum strength under compression and includes anti-flotation, a high-water alarm and isolating switch.

These extra features make it strong and safe incorporating the filtration mechanism to recycle waste water and sewage so that it is fit for reuse. Also, it combines this with systems that make it reliable and safe.

Safety is paramount to any system that deals with sewage and wastewater, especially when it is held and processed directly on the property. While your existing septic tank may be exactly what you need, if you require a system that treats your liquid waste on-site then you might want to consider a high-tech septic tank.

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