With the weather systems playing havoc with the skies, we must prepare for all the eventualities that Winter time brings along with the occasional hurricane thrown in for good measure. Whether we can accept that our garden needs the rain and seasons are important, flooding in heavy rain is a product of weather, of which we have no control. When there is a continuous downpour for longer than 24 hours you can expect any amount of flooding to arise. Here are some tips on how to avoid flooding or what to do if you experience flooding in heavy rain.

Soil Testing

If you have experienced large quantities of rain over a short period, it is probable that some properties will not be able to cope with the flow. Drains are designed to direct liquid away but even they prove ineffective when the sheer volume of water exceeds limits. The soil in your lawn is amazing at being able to absorb rain but this depends on the composition of the sediment. Some soil is fast draining, while others with a higher quantity of clay, doesn’t soak up the rain in the same way.

Flooding in Heavy Rain

If you find that after a period of rain that you have shallow pools in your property or flooding at the bottom of a slope, then you might need to consider what kind of drainage system you have and whether you need to input more channels or a storm water system. It is custom when you are building to implement a storm water drainage system for your property but over time, or in periods of extreme weather, the system just doesn’t cope.

Dry Solutions

Fortunately, if you experience flooding in heavy rain then getting out amongst it in your wellies is not necessary anymore. Your local plumber just may have the tool that can get you out of that watery mess. We have a fantastic piece of equipment which can pump out and remove excess liquid from your site. So, for any unwanted pools, to overflowing drains, our pump works to suck up and store large volumes of water so that it does not cause havoc on your property.

Unless you want a little pond feature for the ducks, it is important to prepare your property for the eventuality of rainwater. Especially in the cooler months, the climate is likely to provide a little precipitation from time to time. When we get more rain that we expect, this can cause problems especially if the water breaches your house or gets into machinery or electrics. To avoid any issues that arise from flooding in heavy rain, call in the experts. With a specially designed pump, water can be removed from the site and allow your property to dry out. Call us on 0800 001 150.