Can Septic Tanks Explode? Seven Common Septic Tank Myths

Can Septic Tanks Explode? Seven Common Septic Tank Myths

Are you receiving conflicting advice regarding your septic tank? Crucially, septic systems are not as durable as many would like to believe. If not used carefully and properly maintained, septic systems can fail. Poor septic system maintenance can cost you much more in the long run. Expensive repairs can become more frequent, lowered performance can affect your home, and even a full septic system replacement could become prematurely necessary.
Fortunately, we at Streamline Environmental are here to set the record straight. Continue reading to learn more.

Myth: It’s cheaper to repair your septic system than it is to pump it

Pumping your septic tank isn’t exactly cheap. This leads many septic tank users to arrive at the mistaken conclusion that it would be cheaper simply to wait for the septic tank to falter and then pay for repairs. Unfortunately, a common consequence of this mistaken belief is a septic system that fails entirely and needs to be completely replaced. Pumping your septic system once every 3-5 years is not only the more cost-efficient option, but also better overall for your septic system.

Myth: Additives will make your septic system like new

Many people try to avoid the need for regular septic system maintenance by using home remedies like heaps of yeast or additives that promise to clean your septic tank. While it is certainly true that your septic tank uses enzymes and bacteria to break down waste, these additives can’t replace a proper pump from a professional septic tank service. Always follow the maintenance guide provided by your installer.

Myth: Your septic tank appears full, so it must be time to pump

If you sneak a peek inside your septic tank and it appears full, you may decide it’s time to pump. However, this is not an accurate way to gauge when professional maintenance is necessary for your septic system. In fact, your septic tank could appear full in mere days. This is perfectly normal and does not prove that pumping is necessary. What is important is the level of solids in your septic tank. Your qualified technician can help you measure this.

Myth: You can build above your septic tank

Your septic system was installed in an open space for a reason. The issue isn’t that the grounds of a septic system cannot support a structure, but that your septic tank service will need easy access to the system when it comes to pump or replace.

Myth: Septic systems can handle all your household chemicals

Septic systems are surprisingly adept at breaking down many household chemicals, returning them harmlessly to the soil. However, there are certainly some chemicals too strong for your septic system, and the amount you use matters as well. Flushing too many household chemicals into your system can destroy the bacteria and enzymes necessary to break down waste.

Myth: Your household’s water consumption will have no effect on your septic system

More water means more effluent, and more effluent can mean more frequent pumping. If you have leaky pipes or taps, take unusually long showers, or do laundry quite frequently, you may be flushing more effluent into your septic system than it can handle.

Myth: Septic tanks can explode

It’s important to understand that yes, septic tanks can explode, and have exploded in the past. Your septic system is full of explosive gases, particularly methane. Methane occurs naturally from the breakdown of solids in your septic system, so its presence is no cause for alarm. What’s important is that you ensure your septic system is properly ventilated. Consult with your septic tank service to ensure that your ventilation systems are working properly.

Trust the experts

Streamline Environmental & Drainage have years of experience installing, pumping, and repairing septic tank systems. If you’re unsure about how best to care for your home’s septic system, contact Streamline Environmental today for advice you can trust and service you can count on.

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